My names Gill, and I live in a 1950s ex-council project house in rural Bedfordshire in  England with my husband Adam, of just over 3 years, and other half for almost 15!, and our two, very loveable cats, Akita & Archimedes (read all about them on my Cat Parenting page). We have recently found out we’re expecting twins! (first pregnancy and none in the family to date) so our family is certainly expanding rapidly! (I’m going to track this adventure on my Future Little Gherkins page)

When planning our wedding in 2012/13 I ended up with a bit of a nickname at work, started by my lovely friend Kendra, who found it so amusing how many jam jars I had and how many different things I used them for! I could list you hundreds of uses here, but just for sake of example here’s a few: bringing my salad to work every day, paper clips, tea bags, sugar, fruit, jam, candles…etc etc… I then ended up with a bit of a jam jar theme at my wedding too, as this is how I displayed all my flowers and candles and they also featured pretty heavily in all my stationery design too and Jam Jar Gill (#jamjargill) was born 🙂  and I will be forever known as that to that very lovely group of people at BSI.

I’ve recently entered my 30s. I have been blogging now for around 5 years on and off but have decided it is time to get serious with this hobby and re-brand and join together my two previous blogs Gill’s Recipe Journal & PracticalBeautiful in to one super duper blog which I can then aim to post in at least once a week on a variety of different subjects which interest me. And when I came to pick a name for this joint blog it had to be “So they call me Jam Jar Gill…

I am a self-confessed foodie and recipe book collector. I love documenting this through blogging my recipe trials and tribulations and to post and share recipes and food photography and everything else foodie with like minded people.

I am also working my way through, with my lovely hubby’s help and support, well most of the time anyway, doing up this project house of ours, room by room, project by project, which need absolutely everything doing both inside and out but has a whole ton of potential to be our forever home, oh and on pretty much zero budget too!

I love home projects, and being thrifty and resourceful and community and environmentally minded wherever possible in everything I do.

I have a definite addiction to Pinterest so much so that the website actually once came up with the message “we love your enthusiasm but you cannot pin any more this evening!” – or words to that effect – oops! 16K+ pins isn’t that many is it?!

Anyway – that’s me and this is my blog – hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve loved creating it. Please do comment I always love to hear from my readers and equally email me at jamjargill@gmail.com if you are interested in collaborating, advertising or offering me some product testing, I always am interested to hear from you. 

Happy Blogging!

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T&Cs + Advertising

I am linked up to several affiliate programs but I only go with brands 
which I use or have used myself and been happy with their customer service and/or ethical policy (ideally both) as I am a great believer in voting 
with your wallet (often more important and more influential than your 
political vote). I also have Google AdSense which picks up adverts based 
on my copy and so hopefully should show you some lovely brands too. All 
my foodie links generally go back to Waitrose as I am an affiliate 
partner, and I would very much recommend them as a group for quality and 
service. I am happy to link up with other brands, please contact me at 
jamjargill@gmail.com if interested. The general gist of all  these 
programs is that if you follow the link through and purchase then I get 
a small percentage back. Happy shopping everyone :)


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