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We found from the research that we did that Cat’s need ideally a meat only diet. They can literally get all the nutrients they need from meat alone.

This is all summarised very nicely in this article Tips for Choosing Cat Food, Part 1: The Basics About Cat Food Standards by Franny Syufy in which she states:

“You are what you eat, and this is equally true for the cats that depend on us for “room and board.” Indeed, cat food is one of the most important expenses of feline guardianship, next to veterinary care. It is important also to note that proper diet can eliminate or delay veterinary expense for a number of serious medical conditions.

The ultimate purpose of this series is to help you learn how to read cat food labels to make your decision process easier in choosing the best foods for your cat, but first we need to cover some of the basics.

Cats’ Basic Nutritional Needs

  • Protein from a named meat, fish, or poultry source
  • Taurine, an essential amino acid
  • Certain other vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids
  • Water

That’s it, basically. Cats do not need carbohydrates, although corn, wheat, and/or rice are used as fillers for both canned and dry cat foods. Other ingredients, such as binders, flavoring, and coloring, are added by cat food manufacturers to satisfy the aesthetic wants of the consumer. Although preservatives are necessary, to keep foods fresh for our cats, canned food should not be allowed to remain out for any length of time, in any case.”

The trick is to look at the food you buy based not just on the % of protein but question where that protein comes from. The best thing you can feed your cat is pure raw meat, but that is a very costly option and not in most people’s price range, so the next best option is canned food but which one…

This chart below is really handy for using as a comparison, sourced from pet forum, though not 100% up to date serves as a very good guide and also an illustration of the point that the best know cat foods in the UK, though high in protein are plant-based protein rather than meat, as your cat needs, and also small, supermarket sized, packs can actually  be a false economy when you work out the daily cost.  The columns to focus in on in the table below are “meat%” &  “£/day”.

From this we decided MACs was the best option all round, but had no idea what this was or where to source it from. After a bit more research we found is was a standard cat food in Germany but not available on any of the usual international websites, such as Amazon. That’s when we found the HAPPY KITTY COMPANY. 

We get the 800g cans on mass from the Happy Kitty company and we empty each can into a Tupperware box and separate out into 12 squares which lasts both (adult) cats for 3 days of meals, one square for breakfast and another for dinner for each cat. Our cats always crave this food, they always woof it down!

Mac's Cat Food

Mac’s Cat Food

We do get high percentage meat protein biscuits for lunch too which we get in bulk from wherever does it at the best value when we’re running out. The best one we’ve found is called Applaws and is 80% meat content. I last bought this from zooplus. It is still best to feed them majority wet food overall as they also get natural moisture from the wet which they can’t get from the dry and it’s closer to nature however for topping up this stuff is great and they love it and it is easier to come by in the UK.

Applaws dry cat food

Applaws dry cat food

Here’s what they are all about:

“The Happy Kitty Company is an online cat food store dedicated to delivering the highest quality in cat foods straight to your door.

As pet owners ourselves we went in search of the best quality cat food to feed our furry family. We feel that they deserve a diet that is designed with their natural feeding habits in mind. We wanted food that was made with a high percentage of protein from a high quality human grade source with no unnecessary added sugars or other artificial additives.

We found that although there were a lot of good brands available within the UK there were better options that weren’t readily available to UK customers. We have made it our aim to fetch these brands to the UK and make them easily accessible.”

I cannot recommend them high enough, excellent value and customer service and packaging of wholesale, otherwise hard to get European cat food, and dog food too.

Happy Cat parenting, hope this article helps 🙂



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  1. Ali says:

    Hi there!
    I was interested to read your blog, and well done for feeding a good wet diet to your cats. I use many types of wet food for my horde of Norwegian Forest Cats, mostly from Zooplus, but as I’m bringing in a kitten from Germany next week who has been fed MAC’s, I’ve now found the Happy Kitty Company.
    But, as cats are, as you say, obligate carnivores, have you not considered feeding them on a raw diet? Mine get raw too, I use it to wean them and they love it.
    There are plenty of companies now who sell raw for cats and of course it’s better for them.
    Happy cat parenting!

    • JamJarGill says:

      Hi Ali, thank you for your comments and sorry for the delayed response, we did look into raw, but the cost of doing it put us off, what’s fantastic about getting Macs from the Happy Kitty Co is that it is the same price as buying whiskers or felix but just so much better for your cat 😻

  2. Steven says:

    So, Are you guys available in canada by any chance? I’ve changed many food for my cat pet named Arisy. But nothing helped, desperately trying for the best quality, Looking forward for your reply.

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