FOODIE FOOD: Amazing Low-Carb Crock Pot Recipes You Should Try Out Today {guest post by Nicole Lucas}

Nicole Lucas (guest author)

Nicole Lucas (guest author)

I am very pleased to welcome a new guest author here at JamJarGill: Nicole Lucas  from NoMealNoHealth, based in Seattle, USA,  mother to a 7-year-old little girl, her and her husband regularly have cook-offs in our kitchen for fun  and she loves to blog about healthy food/drink, tips & tricks that will help you bring happiness to your family.

She emailed me directly, recently, to submit a blog post on slow cook recipes, perfect timing as the evenings start to draw in.

All of my mummy friends swear by their slow cookers, I got one on my wedding list and have thus far mastered just one recipe (for slow cook pulled pork) but I have a long way to go and am always looking for inspiration so was delighted to receive and share this post. I also love how the recipes suggested are also low carb, proving that not all slow cooked yumminess has to be naughty casseroles too, though to a degree its nice to indulge in comfort food for winter I always believe in everything in moderation, so really nice to have some healthy alternatives too. 🙂

Hope this article inspires you too…


Amazing Low-Carb Crock Pot Recipes You Should Try Out Today

As compared to most other types of cookers, a crock-pot is a slow cooker that is popularly used in the kitchen for cooking methods such as simmering. In essence, it is renowned for being excellent in making preparations that require the maintenance of low cooking temperatures.

Most models in the market will let you simmer you favorite tastiest within the temperature range of between 190 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit (90’C – 100’C). However, modern design are designed such that the user is able to set the required temperature as well as other cooking conditions such as time/duration.

FOODIE FOOD: Amazing Low-Carb Crock Pot Recipes You Should Try Out Today {guest post by Nicole Lucas}

In addition to adjustable temperature, many slow cookers today have other automated features and functions such as auto-shut off and food ready alarm. Others come with presets for particular recipes, say chicken or turkey.

With the crock pot in your possession or kitchen, you are to some extent assured of fascinating your guests or family members with the best and most delicious preparations, especially if you understand the recipe for what you are preparing. Perhaps the recipe examples below will inspire you. But first things first, what are the benefits of slow cooking in a crock pot?

 The Major Benefits of the Crock Pot

FOODIE FOOD: Amazing Low-Carb Crock Pot Recipes You Should Try Out Today {guest post by Nicole Lucas}

There are many more delicious preparations you can do with a crock pot at home or even in a commercial kitchen. But what are some of the reasons to use this slow cooking appliance? Below are some of the many benefits of the crock pot cookers you might want to look at.

Benefit #1: Automated Functions and Cooking Convenience:

With a crock pot, you really don’t have to stay there and watch your food as it cooks or keep on stirring your preparations. In some sophisticated modern versions, you only need to place your ingredients as recommended and let the rest happen while you attend to other tasks.

Benefit #2: Energy-Saving Appliance:

As compared to most other alternatives, crock pots are highly energy efficient, meaning that it can significantly reduce your energy bills and save you money.

Benefit #3: HVAC-Friendly:

The other important benefit of crock-pots is that they don’t emit that much of heat as compared to most other kitchen cooktops. Especially during the warmer months o the year, such an appliance can bring menace to the kitchen as it heats up, which can cause your HVAC system to work more and incur your more in air conditioning costs. This is not the case with the crock-pot.

Benefit #4: Healthier Preparations:

Not only does it allow you to prepare low carb recipes, it also gives you healthier preparations of food in lower fat content. This is mostly because foods tend to cook in their own juices or fats in the case of fatty foods such as fish.

 Sometimes it is not even necessary to add any fat when cooking in these slow cookers. Low-heat cooking for lengthier periods also allows the food cooked in crock pots to retain much more mineral nutrients and vitamins, as opposed to high heat cooking where some essential food substances and enzymes are destroyed by the cooking heat.

 There are more than just a few low-carb crock pot recipes, benefits of the crock pot, and additional reasons you should try this slow cooking appliance out. Now, straight to the mouth-watering recipe examples, you can try out.

Please do drop me a line at if you too are interested in writing a guest post… I am always interested in collaborating with my blogging community 🙂 {N.B. due to twin pregnancy, now in 3rd trimester, I am unable to guarantee a fast turn around on publishing guest posts currently, but I promise I will publish as soon as I am able to, thank you in advance for your understanding}

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