FOODIE FOOD: Making a great meal out of salmon fillets {guest post by Paterson Riley}

I am very pleased to welcome a new guest author here at JamJarGill: Paterson Riley from Fishing like a boss.

Paterson Riley

Paterson Riley from Fishing like a boss.

She emailed me directly, recently, to submit a blog post on making the most of cooking with salmon, we all should be trying to have at least one fish supper a week to keep up all those lovely fish oils in our diets, which have so many health benefits and to help reduce our meat consumption too. It is of course important to get your fish from a sustainable source too, always question that.  

Here is a bit about Patterson:

The owner of website: I have a strong passion for fishing. I always provide you with fishing tips and help you choose fishing tackle yourself such as spinning rods, spinning reels, spincast reels

Hope this article inspires you too…

Balsamic Glaze Salmon Fillets

Cooking is an art. For you to leave a mark and have people yearning for more of your cooking, you have to bring in uniqueness and perfection to your meal. Salmon is a well-renowned source of proteins, fats, omega-3 oils as well as vitamins B and D. The salmon blends perfectly with Balsamic vinegar, mustard, honey and fresh herbs. There are many ways to prepare your salmon fillets but perhaps glazing them with balsamic vinegar will give you an upper hand in the cooking arena. The Balsamic-glazed salmon fillets recipe is simple and will give you an opportunity to try out a bunch of flavors to experiment with.

Please do drop me a line at if you too are interested in writing a guest post… I am always interested in collaborating with my blogging community 🙂 {N.B. due to twin pregnancy, now in 3rd trimester, I am unable to guarantee a fast turn around on publishing guest posts currently, but I promise I will publish as soon as I am able to, thank you in advance for your understanding}

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