FUTURE LITTLE GHERKINS: Maternity Essentials

I know there is more than a whole ton of advice out there, but I thought I would just do a little post on some items which really helped me in my pregnancy with dealing with the symptoms and just making me feel a bit more human in the hope that it helps others too :). I have gone into clothes a lot in my style my bump posts, so will leave them off this list, but suffice to say comfort, comfort, comfort should be your rule, layering too is great as your temperature is often changeable.

OK here’s my selection:


  1. I bought these Anti Sickness Bands when I was in my 1st trimester because I was flying to the states, but they genuinely helped before during and after the flight and are completely drug free 🙂 
  2. Again these Flight Socks were bought for flying, but are really good to keep your circulation going on any journey or if you are standing up for longer than usual, which in turn prevents the dreaded cramp, so definitely worth the investment.
  3. Dairylea Dunkers have been my essential mid morning snack since early pregnancy, but this is also to represent the concept of eating little and often and exactly what you fancy (within reason), this style of eating has really helped my nausea throughout.
  4. Hydration is one of the most essential things to keep on top of whilst pregnant as your body needs more liquid in order to produce and pump round the extra blood for your baby/babies, a pretty water bottle always helps – this Aladdin Aveo Water Bottle – 0.6 L, White Lotus is my fave one I have found to date, and it’s really practical too with a handy wrist strap and is a good size and fits in your car drinks holder too without wobbling :).
  5. Tums Antacid are a definite handbag essential, I am never anywhere without them especially towards the end of the 2nd and into my 3rd trimester I have such horrific acid indigestion, coming back up my throat and this just neutralises it almost instantly, my favourite is the multi fruit flavours as they are definitely the most palatable option.  
  6. Bra Strap Extender! – Revelation! These obviously only will work for some based on how you grow and change but for me I have gone up a chest size so far without going up a cup size and maternity bras are expensive, so these are a God send as mean that I can still use a lot of my pre-pregnancy bras and are so cheap too – like £3 for a pack of 3, well worth getting even if you can only use them for a couple of months. Do remember if you continue to wear your own bras though and they are unwired, stop when they start sticking in you in any way, especially if you plan on breastfeeding/ attempting to as this can damage your milk ducts. 
  7. As my bump gets bigger I have more and more strain and pain in my shoulders whilst sitting, the weight of one of these Shoulder Wheat Bags seems to make so much different as it keeps my shoulders from rising up, it’s all natural and you can put them in the freezer to cool or in the microwave to heat for a couple of minutes as needed too, they come in some really pretty designs (like this one) too. 🙂 
  8. I made a bit of a fad purchase with an oversized pregnancy pillow when I first got pregnant and after using it for one night I quickly realised I didn’t need anything anywhere near that big and quickly took it down the charity shop (thinking someone could make it into a pet bed if nothing else 😉 ), I then did some online research and came across this DreamGenii Maternity Support Pillow, which is 5 * rated on Mothercare and oh my goodness it is amazing! It genuinely is night and day, using it or not! It’s like you can suddenly sleep again, and it isn’t massive and comes with a handy carry case so is easy to take with you if you go away at all, I also took it to the massage appointment I had the other week as it helped me lay down and also the gong bath I went to – I can’t recommend it highly enough as a maternity essential item, so so worth the investment!   
  9. Putting your feet up becomes more and more essential, especially whilst working, the more pregnant you become, it improves circulation and prevents cramps and water retention, I have one of these Footrests at work, which has really helped me but I was actually pleasantly surprised by their price on Amazon and so have today ordered one for myself at home too.   
  10. You don’t have to be a yogi to love a Yoga Bolster – they are fab for stretching yourself out in all sorts of ways, pregnant or not, but when you are pregnant and not really supposed to lay flat on your back laying with your bottom at the bottom of the bolster with it going vertically up your spine is one of my fave stretches and just feels amazing on your aching shoulders.

    Yoga Bolster Position

    Yoga Bolster Position

  11.  This final one is well worth knowing about and to be honest I wish I had known about it earlier, whilst you can’t use heat rub or ibuprofen gel whilst pregnant as a muscle relaxant on aching muscles you can use Vicks and as it is herbal and it works wonders! I’ve put some between my shoulder blades as I have been going to sleep the past couple of nights and it really has made a big difference with relaxing them.


Hope this list helps you too 🙂 Please do comment below if you have anything else which I missed which has helped you. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy xx





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