FUTURE LITTLE GHERKINS: A note on gift lists…

So I am a Pinterest addict…in case you haven’t clocked my profile yet I am up to I am currently well on my way to 17K of Pins and I’m not even ashamed! I love pretty things and window shopping and clever ideas which you just don’t see elsewhere so frankly this site is just made for me 😀

However, that said, Pinterest does have it’s limitations and when it comes to gift lists they are a bit pants (something which I think they could expand into with just a couple of extra features), mainly because of the following:

  • there is no way to track what has been bought and what hasn’t
  • you can’t keep it secret from the person creating the list
  • you need a Pinterest log in to use it
  • they even removed the rather handy “price across the corner of the image feature” of a couple of years ago which I actually really liked

So I found myself with a conundrum, I wanted a free, one size fits all gift list system which allowed me to add from any shop with images and links and prices and basically all the stuff which isn’t currently available on Pinterest. I didn’t want multiple gift registries with multiple shops and I didn’t want to pay for the service, also a lot of these things are directed at the wedding market with no option for baby registries, so these were my challenges…. but after a bit of googling I found my solution: http://www.mylistishere.com/ 

My List is Here - How it works

Let me tell you a bit about it….

To be fair this video pretty much tells you all you need to know, other than I didn’t find that the wish widget was quite working all the time and capturing all the info it needed to so I ended up resorting to the manual adding option for adding items to my list, which is just a simple form which looks like this:

Add a bespoke item

…which might seem like a bit of a faff, but actually once you get into it it is really quite addictive and fun too – or maybe that’s just my inner organisational geek 8)

Another feature I love is that you can organise your list in several ways: 

how to sort your list

…Which is really handy when sending the list round and when organising yourself too

I have literally, and continue to, add everything which I find to this list which we need and I like big and small and so it is effectively our shopping list as well as a gift list, it’s just fab to keep it all in one place.

It’s also great for the future as you can add as many lists as you like, Birthdays, Christmases, Weddings, etc etc etc and share all with your friends and family using a simple link. Here is mine: http://www.mylistishere.com/0n3hj2

I am keen to hook up with other twin Mamas and Papas for collaborative posts and/or to find opportunities to  product test both pregnancy related items (currently 19 wks pregnant) and twin baby equipment once they arrive (likely at the end of the year) and/or interested in doing a featured post for any service providers to either pregnant women or babies, if you are interested or if you have any opportunities please drop me a line at jamjargill@gmail.com, I’d love to hear from you. 🙂 

What do you think of our gift selection so far?What gift list registry system have you used? Did you like it? If so why? What essential things did you add to your directory? I would love to hear from you.

Hope you have a lovely weekend. xx


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