FUTURE LITTLE GHERKINS: A note to my readers….


As I reach the end of the first 3rd of my 3rd trimester I am needing to listen to my body again and re-evaluate  my commitments.

I love to blog and I have blogging ideas coming out of my ears, honestly, but realistically as my body is taken over my twin boys and for my 3rd and 4th trimester I am going to stop committing to weekly posts during this time and just blog when I feel up to it. I will carry on eating meat free on a Monday – at least wherever possible, and when I get back on my feet get back to KonMari‘ing our house, and all the other lovely things which I have had and talked about in this blog. I hope that you guys understand and I promise I will see you on the other side as 2017 I hope to grow my blog more and more whilst off on maternity leave. 

In terms of guest posts I might ask for a pause on those as well during this time as I don’t want to commit to promises I can’t keep in general which is why I’m writing you all this brief note.

So wish us luck, please do check all historic material out if you find something of interest here and you land on this page. And I shall see you on the other side of the twin tidal wave in early 2017, if not before. 

Much love

Gill x

(twin Mama to be)

PS. Hope to see you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest whilst I’m not managing to regularly blog xxx 

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