FUTURE LITTLE GHERKINS: Nursery Planning {Pinspiration}

Once we knew we were having twins we fast forward our plans for the bedrooms, we live in a 3 bed semi with two doubles and a reasonable single and when we started planning for a family we thought we would make the single our Nursery in the first instance and the double our joint office and guest room -bye bye man cave hubby ;). And then as and when we went on to have another we would do a joint bedroom in the 2nd double, move the office to the single room until we could afford our dream future back extension (for which we would put a master suite, with walk in wardrobe and en suite, over an open plan kitchen diner overlooking our back garden). It now seems logical to just skip step 1 of this plan and go straight to step 2, twin Nursery in the 2nd double and office in the single until we can afford the back extension. 🙂 

I toyed with two possible themes for the nursery “Out of Africa” – with a focus on my two favourite animals Giraffes and Elephants, and “Woodland”… Both of which I liked as they aren’t particularly gender specific and they both will happily grow with our future offspring until they are pre-teen without having to completely change the theme. In the end I decided to go with woodland as we live in the countryside and I liked the idea of introducing wildlife to the boys through their nursery theme and there were just so many beautiful things to pick from. Overall I want it to be a modern eclectic version of the woodland theme. You can find my full Pinterest board of  ideas at the following link: https://www.pinterest.com/jamjargill/future-little-gherkins-twin-nursery/,  but below you can find a summary of some of my favourite bits and pieces which I have found whilst looking for ideas… 

  1. Mamas & Papas Gingerbread blanket – Whilst these blankets aren’t officially part of the Woodland theme I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them and then quickly found out that Mamas and Papas had stopped stocking them! Calamity! Luckily enough I managed to source two individually on eBay 2nd hand and they are just perfect – so I have provided a link to an eBay search for this blanket if you wish to do the same 🙂 
  2. Sloan Mustard Rug – I knew I needed a nice big rug which was hoverable in the nursery as we have exposed wooden floor which we will more than likely not be able to sand and treat before the boys arrive for both financial and practical reasons. I did a google search for big rugs and found this absolute gem. I have always loved this moorish style pattern but I think with these colours I can link with the woodland scheme as it kind of looks like a tree cut open and the different rings inside, if you squint and tilt your head to the side anyway ;), I was also impressed by the value for money for the size too.
  3. Dream Big Wall Art – I definitely want to do a picture wall in the nursery with quotes and photos and art alike. I absolutely love the style of this one though it is from the states and so I need to try to source a solution in the UK as ever there is so much more variety stateside. 
  4. C.S.Lewis Quote – I saw this quote on pinterest and loved it instantly. The link provided takes you an Etsy shop where you can buy a downloadable PDF of it and the font here is just divine too 🙂
  5. Personalised Heart Keepsake – I have loved these ever since I first saw them quite a few years ago on Etsy again and have actually bought a fair few as ‘welcome to the world’ gifts for friends and family. They can be hung pretty much anywhere and are great value too – I think I will hang one on each of the cots.
  6. Sheepskin Rug – I love the idea of this natural rug to make a cosy feeding and reading snug in the corner of the nursery and something soft for them to lay on too 🙂
  7. Woodland Wall Stickers – A lot of wall stickers have had their day and are rapidly looking dated and over used…however the way to avoid this is, I believe, to go super simple (for example basic silhouettes) or fancy and basically like art. These fall into the latter category and I fell in love with the design as soon as I saw them. I love that they actually look like animals and so the boys will know what these animals looks like rather than their equivalent cartoons, they’re not too cheap – around £60-£80 (depending on what option you go for) for the set but they really are beautiful and will, I believe last the test of time too, and not date either. 
  8. Layout – I have pinned this simply because I like the layout – and whilst I plan to keep the boys in the same cot as long as possible, I like the idea of having them parallel once they are separated so that they can still see each other really easily. I really do want to do whatever we can to encourage and develop a brotherly bond between them 🙂  
  9. Drawer organisation – KonMari Style – Again this is just a pin for an idea rather than a product, but I love the idea of being super organised with the boys clothes to prevent it all getting out of control. I plan to do a drawer per size and to catagorise the clothes using boxes/drawer dividers within the drawers to keep everything in order. I figure with sleep deprivation and just the hectic life of mothering twins I will need as much organisation and simplicity in my life as possible.
  10. Jellycat Fox Toy –  from what I can see the Jellycat brand definitely does some of the cutest cuddly toys out there, I just love this one to go with our woodland theme. 
  11. Mr Fox Blind – I love this Mr Fox Print from Sandersons, its modern and ageless and classy and definitely on the wish list for the nursery.
  12. Wrendale Designs Owl Print – This is my final one, though – as I say I could happily go on forever! I’m a big fan of all of the Wrendale artwork – the beautiful illustrations which capture animals movement so beautifully are apparently created by painting with a feather! I fell for this owl print as soon as I saw it as I love how it could in theory be twins and goes beautifully with my woodland theme too.

What theme are you planning in/ did you plan in your own nursery? I’d love to hear about it 🙂 I hope you love this selection and you have found this post inspiring. Happy Bank Holiday weekend!