KONMARI METHOD: Bags and Purses

Another tick in the KonMari sorting this time with bags and purses….

Here’s my top tips for this section:

  • Empty all the possessions from all your bags and purses into a large empty shoe box or alike, which you can then pick out from each day – this is such a good idea as it stops you having a ton of duplicate items, like lip gloss and mints in each and every bag
  • It also makes your bags last longer if you empty them out regularly (at least once a week) of all the crap which seems to accumulate inside them for seemly no reason
  • When you are finished using a bag for a few days, never leave it full of stuff – just empty it into your shoebox of handbag contents items and put it away
  • You don’t really need more than one of each style of bag
  • Perhaps with the exception of re-usable shopping bags – which I have a bit of a thing for pretty ones, but there’s no point in them if you don’t have them with you when you visit the shops…so I sorted through and kept only my favourites and then put them inside each other (one lot for me and one for my husband) to keep in the boots of our cars

Again I managed to get rid of a charity bag full of bags and just kept the ones which sparked joy, feel so much happier with every section of my life as I sort through it 🙂 

OK – here are my before and after photos:


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KonMari Pinterest Board Link

And remember:

All you need is less

All you need is less

Hope you have a great week. 🙂

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  1. Kuda Mtema says:

    Great! I’m learning about the KonMari method and when I was reviewing my mindmap I realized that I didn’t understand the bag in a bag part entirely. Bagception as I like to call it.

    Have Fun!

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