LITTLE GHERKIN TWINS: Lulla Doll product review

Here is my product review which was featured on the BizzieBaby website:

Product Tested By Gill Perkins – Tiberius & Cody – 4 Months

Gill Awarded The Lulla Doll 4/5

When this arrived I thought it was sweet – though quite feminine. The doll is really good quality. Both boys seem to like it and cuddle it automatically. This doll did seem to comfort my boys as they both fell asleep within 5 mins of holding it. Helped both boys get to sleep at nap time​. I believe it comforted my boys and helped them nap longer. I do think this doll did help then settle better. Personally I do feel this item is quite expensive. I think the concept and design is really good as it is and could not suggest any improvements. If I saw this on offer I would consider purchasing. I would also recommend. Nice product and cute toy and sleep aid which genuinely does seem to comfort baby but seems very expensive for what it is.​ Gill Perkins – Tiberius & Cody – 4 Months

You can buy the Lulla Doll on Amazon using the following link:


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