LITTLE GHERKIN TWINS: 15 Top Items To Get You Through The 1st 6 Months Of Being A Twin Parent

I’m now 8 months into this twin parenting business so thought now would be a good time to do this post, these are my list of purchases which I have found most helpful in the first 6 months of twin parenthood. There are a fair few items which I bought which weren’t that helpful along the way and some of these are based on specifics like how my babies feed, but all in all I hope you find this post a useful guide, one which I wish I had had myself, to survive the first 6 months with the whirlwind of twins, best of luck! And as ever I would love to know your thoughts below. 

  1. Z Pillow – this was one I found when looking into twin feeding pillows just before I had the boys and I have to say is still one of my absolute favourite and most useful purchases to date. The only twin pillow in the UK was the Peanut & Piglet one which whilst it looks good for dual breastfeeding doesn’t really have any other purpose and for £80+ seems an awful lot. What I loved and still love about the Z Pillow as an option is that whether you breastfeed a little or a lot or move on to bottles or not if has lots of purposes, it can be used for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, as a seating aid, for supported tummy time or even as a pregnancy pillow too. It’s super soft and comfy and has a lovely soft washable cover too and handy carrier bag. We even have found it useful for padding out the perfect prep and steriliser in the roof box when we went away. So you’re probably sold, but there is a little downside, the new ones are not currently available in the UK, however the link given does ship to the UK from America if you do want to buy one new then this is so worth it, alternatively do what I do and get it second-hand from your local twin group on Facebook – most of which have a sales page, or post to ask if someone has one they no longer need, this is brilliant for so many things and can save you so much.  
  2. Bouncy chairs (two sets) – this is one which I predicted would be very useful whilst I was still pregnant and so put these ones on my baby shower list and my two best friends very kindly bought them for me as one of my gifts and they have been fab. We didn’t bother replacing the batteries once the vibration function ran out as we concluded it wasn’t necessary. They definitely have been so so good time and time again, in fact I bought another set of basic bouncers off another twin Mum to keep downstairs and I keep these upstairs. They are excellent as they are a safe and secure to pop your babies pretty much any time you need to go and get the other. Mine nap, feed, have story time, play and chill in these and they love the toys which hang down too, one of the hearts makes a lovely crackly sound and one squeaks. 🙂   
  3. Mountain Buggy – picked as it is the only double buggy which fits through a single doorway and have to say we have only been impressed with it so far. The standard seats are fine from new-born to 4 years on. It is a little heavy to lift in and out of the car, but I’m not sure there is really a way round that with a twin buggy. It really is fantastic, easy to use and to steer once up both on paths and off-road too, I would recommend it highly to anyone with twins or two children age 0-4 years. Definitely worth the investment. Mountain buggy started as a single New Zealand brand but has since been bought out by British brand Phil & Teds. 
  4. Sheepskin Buggy Liners  – I couldn’t afford the expensive type (linked in case you are lucky enough to be able to) but I have to say I have I have been so so impressed with these universal sheepskin blend liners which I sourced on eBay and which also come with a foot muff for colder weather, we have used them since the boys were born and it just makes the pram so much more snuggly and the liners in the summer are fab too – as they are wool they don’t overheat. 
  5. Puj Bath insert – I saw this insert on the Girls with Glasses Baby Essentials video, again it is an American brand but it is now available in the UK, I sourced mine 2nd hand again on eBay, but love it and have used it since the boys first bath. Even now, at 8 months, I bath the boys, in the kitchen sink using the insert, I just love the one on one time and the height of doing it in the kitchen sink, admittedly made easier by us having a butler sink. I also love how easy it is to store as it just folds right in half, so great to take away with you too. 🙂 – as a side issue whilst I’m talking about baths, my fave baby toiletries are: Palmers Baby Butter 
  6. Cheeky wipes – Once I found out I was having twins I had to give up a fair few green mothering ideas… practicality really does come first with twins, I am a green minded at heart though and am a big believer in doing something is better than doing nothing. Cheeky wipes really is a fab system which I love and I just use whenever I have them washed (keeping on top of washing really is an ongoing and constant battle) and then have normal wipes as a back up and when I’m out of the house. They are microfiber wipes with a clean bucket (plastic box with lid), which you fill with water and lavender oil and mucky bucket which you fill with water and tea tree oil, yes you can make your own version of this if you are organised but I decided to get it after birth and so went for the easy option of just buying a set and I have been very impressed with them and think they do a far better job at cleaning your baby with far less wipes then traditional throw away ones.  
  7. Changing mats upstairs and downstairs – This is a tip I picked up from a fellow twin mum before I had the boys, they don’t have to be fancy ones, in fact I encourage you to just get basic ones like the ones linked, but it is mighty handy having a changing station both upstairs and downstairs. 
  8. Sunluxy baby cams – when it came to picking out baby monitors we saw some video ones round a friend’s house and really liked the idea of being able to see them, without lots of other monitor options and cot mats etc, which for me personally I think would only serve to make me paranoid. So then we simply looked for the best rated ones on Amazon and these are they. We have generally been very happy with them, other than a bit of feedback. I also don’t know if I would go for one linked to my phone next time perhaps, but these do what they say on the tin and should last us until the boys are toddlers and it just gives you that extra peace of mind, they’re also very easy to unhook if you want to take them away with you. 
  9. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep and Complete Feeding Bundle – this really is worth while getting to get you all set up for bottle feeding, it has everything you need and we use it all day every day. 
  10. Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix – Car seat & Maxi-Cosi Isofix twoway bases – again this is an essential which we couldn’t live without and gives us the freedom to take the boys out safely and securely. I really love the design of these seats and they are relatively light weight too and the boys definitely find them comfy as they more often than not fall asleep in them. I knew I wanted to use isofix as soon I was going to be a Mum, I was working at VW group when it first came in. I just love how the traffic light system on these seats make sure than you fit them correctly and you can travel with your baby safe and securely – that to me is priceless. These are the latest bases so they are usable for the next seats you need which last your child up to 4 yrs I believe. 100% worth the investment in my book. 
  11. Twins On Board Sign & Baby Car Mirrors – two little things which make a big difference. We both have the twins on board sign on our cars, which is two-fold, I think people behave differently on the road with you when they know you have a little one (or two little ones) on board, and in the situation where there is any sort of an accident (heaven forbid) the emergency services will hopefully be even more vigilante to check your car. The mirrors are amazing, I always do them as baby shower gifts now as they are inexpensive but it is so nice to see what your baby is doing when they are in a rear facing seat and to see that they are OK.   
  12. Scrabble letter coasters – This is a fun but really useful thing I thought of and I have a set upstairs and downstairs so that I don’t get the bottles muddled when I put them down
  13. Mummy clips – Can’t actually remember how I found out about these but they really are brilliant when you are using a pushchair, so strong and means you can go hands-free with your changing bag.
  14. Bednest – these I found out about through a targeted Facebook ad but I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. You have the option to buy them from the company linked but they are also available to rent for £95, you get a new mattress and sides and you save yourself around £50 on the cost of a Moses basket without the hassle of trying to sell once no longer needed and they’re so much better and more adaptable than a Moses basket and they just collect when you’re finished with them all as part of the price. They are a little larger than a traditional Moses basket and they can be used as a co-sleeper and be attached to your bed or they can stand on their own, they were similar size to the hospital crib which they boys were in together so they went into the bednest when they were first home, babies can stay in it until they are up to 20lbs. My littles were only 10lbs together when they were born so these were just perfect and we had one upstairs and one downstairs which was so handy for a safe place to nap. Once the boys were bigger and we’d moved them into the cot in the nursery upstairs we just had these set up together downstairs for nap time which again was really handy and so comfy for them. They also tilt to help with reflux and digestion and they’re so lovely and neutral they go with any scheme. To be honest now I’ve used them I’m only surprised they’re not more commonly used and they are just so good 🙂
  15. Dylon Machine Dye – you might think this is a bit random but I swear by it. When baby clothes get stains on or if I get a donation of clothes but I’m not keen on the colour (eg. baby blues are not my cup of tea, I prefer navy) then they go on my dying pile and when I have enough I will do a load and get a whole new array of clothes (this works for my own clothes too), it really is one of the best things ever to have in your back pocket of tricks as a thrifty Mum and you can pick up a packet for around £6.50 online.