I want to start by addressing all those birth plan cynics out there, as indeed it was the case that my birth plan didn’t leave my bag during birth as many, I’m sure don’t, especially when baby/babies decide for themselves (as they inevitably do) when to enter the world. My point is this is not the point, and I really do believe this, as a forever planner who has learnt the hard way that plans don’t tend to turn out exactly as, well, planned, this doesn’t stop me planning, as planning is a very important and valid process which I need to go through to feel more in control, more prepared for what is to come in life.

Secondly I would like to thank my wonderful community midwife Abbie, for her time and patience in working through my plan with me and answering all my endless questions, I will forever be grateful for her kindness and support to a heavily pregnant and for want of a better way of saying it, scared shitless, first time mother-to-be of twins.

This post – I hope will help you with planning your birth, planning to get your head round the humongous life event which is about to occur.

For those of you who have been through it already – RESPECT! you are a superhero no matter what your birth story is.

And as for you Mamas-to-be…the absolute best advice I would give you is go into it with this mantra in your head…regardless of ideal plans… “I will do what I need to do to get my baby/babies safely into the world and me to stay safe with them” – cos frankly nothing else matters.

I did a lot of searching around online for a birth plan template before creating this one – I hope that you find it helpful and an interesting read…

And if you are lucky enough, and calm enough to hand your birth plan to your hospital midwife at the start of your birth it is well worth doing, they are your person (on the uniform side at least) and their priority is making sure that you are ok throughout your birth.

The other person who it is worth going through your plan with and making sure he or she knows your wishes is your significant other/birth partner…they really are your cheerleader and your voice during birth when you can’t say anything you need someone there who will do it on your behalf and it is therefore crucial that they know your wishes and can guide you through.

As I say, my birth didn’t go exactly as planned, as my waters ended up breaking and I went into labour at 35wks 1day, 2 weeks before the elected c-section which I had fought so hard for, so I ended up with an emergency c-section after a more than adequate taste of labour followed by an 8 day hospital stay before going home and our TV breaking 15 mins after we got in! But honestly non of it matters now and it all feels like a rather crazy dream which gave us our beautiful, perfect, healthy boys – and we know that we are blessed beyond words and in love with them beyond life.

1st Mummy Selfie

1st Mummy Selfie