RECIPE JOURNAL: Meatless Monday {1 year 15 weeks}

So we’re into 1 year 15 weeks of Meatless Monday… Into my 26th week of pregnancy… massive drop in energy levels this week but soldiering through…

Here’s my  week in 4:
      1.  We now started our NCT prenatal classes and honestly I cannot recommend them highly enough, so informative, such lovely couples, local and on the same baby timeline as you. Definitely worth the £120 the cost without a doubt, and at times which fit around working hours when you’re still in work. Word to the wise though – they get booked up surprisingly in advance so book as early as you can – like when you are around 15 wks to make sure you get on the best one for your due date. Find out more on their website NCT Antenatal.
      2. This was a quote I saw this week which just spoke to me, always good to aim for the older you get 🙂
      3. The reality of becoming a Mum is really starting to sink in now, we also went to our TAMBA
        Practical Preparing for Parenthood Survival Class this Saturday too and it did make me realise how little I had allowed my head to go to when the boys are here, I think that’s just self-preservation, but still what I do know is I will try my best and make every decision with so much love and I think that is all any of us can do. (NB. also worth doing this class if you are expecting multiples, it is very very good indeed)
      4. OK so it’s just after 9pm on Sunday night as I am writing this and I haven’t exactly put any washing away yet this weekend, however I have booked Monday off work to catch up and also have booked in my Birthday Maternity pamper package, from my wonderful in-laws, as a treat in the afternoon. Washing is always a battle for me, even more so when the house is completely upside-down due to having the decorators in, and full nesting mode going on, but hopefully by the end of this week he would have finished the hall, landing and stairs and be on to the Nursery – fingers crossed 🙂 
Right onto food…


Fruit toast with homemade jam and fresh tropical juice from the milk man…

JamJarGill: Meatless Monday {1 year 15 weeks}: Breakfast

JamJarGill: Meatless Monday {1 year 15 weeks}: Breakfast


Usual meze, vimto, dairylea dunker, piece of my wonderful birthday cake, an apple, 2 clementines and a yogurt…


Crinklys to keep me going whilst my soup and bagel cooked – just a bit of simple comfort food as had no energy to cook… and dark chocolate and milk for pudding 🙂 

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