RECIPE JOURNAL: Meatless Monday {1 year 16 weeks}

So we’re into 1 year 16 weeks of Meatless Monday… Into my 27th week of pregnancy… a week filled with aching and lack of sleep, and lots of growing, oh the joys! I have also decided that this will be my last Meatless Monday post for a while, but please do check out #meatlessmondays to find lots of veggie inspiration from my backlog of posts, I also intend to carry on with eating meatless on a Monday for a very long time to come. 

This Monday I booked off work just to potter about, it really was lovely to have a 4 day week at work, and nice to have a bit of a lay in as we have been having morning parenting workshops (of one description or another) on Saturday mornings for several weeks,  I’m so exhausted now with this pregnancy, also meant I could up my game a bit on the food front 🙂

Here’s my  week in 4:
      1.  So one of the reasons why I booked the Monday off this week was to use my birthday voucher from my wonderful in-laws to get this Mama to be package from a local salon called the Cutting Company, it was utter bliss and pretty good value too – so might try and squeeze another one in before the boys arrive as it was £49.00, and Monday through Wednesday during the day you also get 20% off 😀
      2. Just a simple message, but a true one, you can never have too much love in my opinion
      3. Another week and another couple of opportunities to connect with twin mamas, from Milton Keynes Tamba group, I saw a post from one of the Mums-to-be who had been to the same workshop as us last week to introduce herself to the group, I replied and now have a WhatsApp group  with her and two other local twin mamas to be – which is so lovely. We also went to our twin specific NCT one-off session this week and learnt so much and hopefully will have another little group of connections out of that too. It’s the funny thing about the twin thing, because we’re a bit different its easier to connect with other twin mamas too – because regardless where you come from or who you are you just get each other because of the twin thing, it’s a really lovely community to begin to be a part of 🙂
      4. Saturday marked the end of our regular NCT course too and we celebrated by going out for a lovely lunch with all the other couples, so so glad we did NCT, we’ve learnt just so much and connected with such lovely people who I can genuinely imagine knowing for years 🙂 
Right onto food…


As Saturday morning had been like another work day, I had had my usual cereal and juice, so I thought I would have one of my weekend continental breakfasts to treat myself on a day off, croissants, homemade jam and Darjeeling tea with milk and honey, along with a glass of one of my newly found favourite fresh juices, bliss and far prefered any day to a full English!  


Dunker as usual, then soup and a bagel and an apple a day to keep the doctor away. The final image is off the tea and lovely biscuits which I had after my mama-to-be pamper at the beauty salon 🙂 before driving home. 


I made another cheats veg lasagna (yes using jarred sauces and fridge fresh lasagna sheets) as I was off and had the time to cook, and another glass of that lovely juice 🙂 My final image is of the carrots I bought in Morrisons this week (not just random I did put some in the lasagna) which were branded Morrisons wonky veg, which I had heard about on Jimmy’s and Jamie’s Food Fight but was very impressed to see for myself on Morrisons online. Couldn’t agree more with having more wonky veg and less perfection in supermarkets. I’ll let you click the links if you want to read more all about it: Huffington Post Article on Wonky Veg in the UK

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