RECIPE JOURNAL: Meatless Mondays {week 1}

So I follow UpWorthy as lets be fair it is an amazing website filled with the kind of news you actually want to read about. I came across the following article on a new trend MEATLESS-MONDAYS I have known for a while that we eat too much meat as a society and I am a meat lover, I’m not willing to give it up entirely, but I do make sure that wherever possible I buy both free-range and organic as these things do matter to me and I personally believe that conscious consumerism is the way forward and if people cared more about where the things they buy, whether that be clothes or food or other, came from then we would live in a far more ethical world . I’m massively pro everyone doing a little in their own lives in their own way and capabilities at that time in their life and actually it making a big difference to the world at large {she steps back off her soap box}. This is a perfect example of this, as the video below explains.


And it inspired me enough to get me on board, so I’m going to give it a go and blog, as close as possible, to Monday each week to tell you what veggie delights/alternatives I have eaten each week. Please do send me through any veggie alternative recipes you have, I’d love to here from you. For  now this is my food for day 1 of #meatlessmondays:


Apricot wheats with organic semi skimmed milk & hot water with fresh lemon, honey & ginger



Jacket potato with cheese and cracked black pepper, butter and mayo (pre-prepared) and a jam jar of salad (carrot, cabbage, spinach, coleslaw, tomatoes, olives and pizza express salad dressing), 2 nectarines, 1 apple and a Tunnocks Dark Chocolate Caramel Bar (the best chocolate bar currently know to man)


I’m not usually a fan of canned soup but recently I have come across Amy’s Kitchen, which are all organic and absolutely delicious. I had their Chunky Tomato Soup along with a buttered onion bagel for dinner last night. I’m aware this is a bit of a cheat of a meal in that no cooking was really involved but in my defence I went to yoga last night at didn’t get in till 20.50.

More next week….veggie recipes please…..



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