RECIPE JOURNAL: Slow & Steady Pulled Pork

Finally I have had success with my slow cooker! Hurray – this recipe, randomly found in a free ASDA supermarket magazine, and only marginally adapted to create a delicious meal.

pulled pork recipe

Amends which I made to this basic recipe were, I used the equivalent weight in Pork Shoulder Steaks as I couldn’t find the whole joint in the shop I was in. I also used golden syrup rather than trickle as this is what I had in. I slow cooked in the end for 8 hrs rather than 10 hrs as it was clear that the meat was cooked at this point. And in the final stage of prepping the sauce I added some corn flour paste (heaped tsp of corn flour and same of water into a paste) in order to thicken it up and also a squirt of maple syrup for a bit of extra sweetness. Finally rather than serving in baps I served in tortilla wraps with mayo and spinach leaves. Please find photos of my cooking below: