(and all the planning mayhem leading up to it)

On this page I am going to link to posts which hopefully will give you useful hints and tips on wedding planning. This has completely taken over my world for the past 18 months leading up to our wedding on 1 June 2013 and I have learnt an awful lot along the way and if I can help ease others stress a little I hope I do. I can safely say that when all was said and done all the hard work most certainly did pay off and we did have the most perfect day of our lives. I hope these posts help you create yours.

ENGAGED to the love of my life 21.01.2012

Stationery (final selection)

Pinterest Planning

Our Venue

Our Perfect Day 

Adam and Gill's Wedding Website


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    • JamJarGill says:

      Thank you – I’m a bit obsessed with categorising my interests, so they’re easy to find and reference for me and my readers. Planning our wedding did turn into an additional full time job but it was 100% worth it in the end – really was our perfect day! 🙂

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